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This site will be disappearing in July.
I have made an HTML backup copy of it, but have no plans to replicate the site on a different platform at present, as I no longer teach this subject.
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My school is using a mix of ESS and other standards for a "12 Science" course. At the Auckland teachers meeting, I was asked to keep this website going so we could use it as a 'gathering place' for resources. I will also be writing 'textbook pages' for some of the new standards, as I did for the old course.
The links for new pages are on the left and will turn blue when I have created the pages.
I have not deleted the material from the old course, but have moved the links to a dedicated page.

NZQA NCEA Level 2 Earth and Space Science page
Good luck for the start of the year.
Paul Keestra

What was my writing like when I was at school? I dug out this, which I wrote for an English assignment when I was a Year 11 student in 1978. No spelling checkers then (hence "dormitry") and this was when "Maoris" was generally used as the plural of Maori. This was banged out on an old manual typewriter (with quite a lot of twink). I took typing for a semester when I was Year 9 - I've never regretted it.

Links: these are reproduced from the pane to the left, as I have become aware that that pane is not visible with Safari
Earth/Space standards
2.1 Investigation
2.2 Information evaluation
2.3 Geological process
2.4 Extremophiles
2.5 Extreme events
2.6 Stars and planets
2.7 Physical systems
Old L2 Sci links

Other standards:
Chem 2.2 Ion analysis

Level 3 link

Data sets for ESS investigation:

Some sci fi books recommended reading for this course:
Heart of the Comet - by David Brin and Gregory Benford - fictional account of mission to Halley's Comet
The Algebraist - by Iain M Banks -- mystery/adventure story set on a Gas Giant planet and its moons
Red Mars - by Kim Stanley Robinson - fictional account of colonisation and terraforming of Mars