Comments on the 2009 exam:

It struck me that they really assume knowledge of the Level 1 geology course in terms of types of rock and formation of rocks. Any students therefore who have not done the level 1 geology paper should make sure they revise it (there is a link on the left for that).

Question two: strictly speaking, the Torlesse rocks were not formed during the Rangitata Orogeny. They were laid down, lithified and partially metamorphosed prior to the orogeny as continental slope turbidity current sediments derived from the Antarctic foreshore of Gondwana. They were then uplifted during the Rangitata orogeny. I wonder what they are expecting in the answer?

There is an error on page 6 - the gobo and the bulb are the wrong way around. I wonder how they are going to mark it.
I thought the rest of this paper was pretty good. I'm glad I had my students drawing lots of ray diagrams, and I hope they remember them for this exam.