Answers to evolution revision questions


3. Prevalence of similar alleles in both chromosome sets.homozygosity
7. Trait that can only show up when homozygous. recessive
10. Flightless parrot descended from the same ancestor as kea and kaka.kakapo
11. A large scale but short-term reduction in population size followed by an increase.bottleneck
12. Trees which produce seeds in a cone.conifer
13. NZ endemic subspecies of the Purple Swamp Hen pukeko
18. Differences amongst individuals in a population due to differences in their alleles.genetic variation
20. A random change in the genetic makeup of a population. genetic drift
21. Exclusively native to a place e.g. NZ endemic
22. Flying parrot found in the Southern Alps kea
23. The group of flowering plants that includes grass, flax and cabbage tree monocotyledon
24. Conifer trees characterized by fleshy seeds which fill the same role as fruit in angiosperms podocarp


1. Sub-population of a species characterized by isolation or different features subspecies
2. Dominant forest type of NZ high country.beech
4. A random change in the genetic code of an organism.mutation
5. A relative of the Pukeko which has evolved into a flightless form.takahe
6. Population that can actually or potentially interbreed to produce fertile offspring.species
8. Process by which "fitter" members of a species survive or reproduce more effectively so their traits become normalized in a population.natural selection
9. The structure or appearance of an organism.morphology
14. Flying parrot found in NZ forest kaka
15. order of flightless birds, including kiwi ratite
16. Flowering plant with two leaf-seeds.dicotyledon
17. effect A change in the allele frequency because a colonising population is a subset of a larger population. founder
19. A change in the characteristics of a population over time. evolution